336 Egg Incubator

Small Unit
Model: IA - 336
Width: 81cm Height: 81cm
Weight: 52Kg Depth: 69cm
Egg Setter + Hatcher Capacity
Chicken: 336 Quail: 768
Turkey: 200 Goose: 200
Duck: 288
Price: R 15499 , $ 950
The IA - 336 egg incubator machine is a combined setter and hatcher and it is equipped with the industry latest technology. This Incubator is fully automatic setter and can hatch varieties of eggs.

The IncubAfrica IA - 336 has the following futures:

Swiss made Temperature and Humidity control system,

Smart computer board,

Rust Proof PVC body,

Spare sensor,

Automatic humidifier,

Universal egg baskets and many more.

The dimension of IA - 336 follows the latest international standards and designs (81cm x 81cm x 69cm) The weight of this powerful incubator is 52Kg.

This machine works with 220V and the start Watt is 350W.

This incubator comes with 1 year guarantee.

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Fresh Eggs

Eggs have the best hatch rate when stored for no more than 7 days before beginning to incubate. Allow cool eggs to warm slowly to room temperature before placing in the incubator. Abrupt warming from 12 degrees to 37 degrees can cause moisture condensation on the egg shell which can lead to disease and reduced hatches....

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